cropped-winter-center-logo.jpgWe are continuing to enhance our website.  This will be a process as recently our website shut down; so we begin again. Please contact us with any questions you might have or if you cannot find what you seek.

Winter Center is a 501c3 public charity, an outreach organization providing programs, services and affordable housing.  We are about community empowerment, opportunity and solutions garnered through partnership and determination. 

Please check out this new “seed” of our website and come visit again soon to see what’s new.  Give us a call with questions- 785-845-8877, or e-mail me at trish@winterc4rj.org

Trish Dowd Kelne, Executive Director

Who We Are
Winter Center is a tax-exempt non-profit public charity whose services and programs provide outreach within rural communities and distressed urban communities.   Our focuses include affordable housing and resident services within the affordable community, emergency assistance programs, youth leadership and mentoring programs, programs for seniors, education and employment programs, community empowerment and restorative mentoring.  Winter Center is also an owner, developer and advocate of affordable housing.

Our History
The Winter Center for Restorative Justice formed through the vision and passionate advocacy of its founding executive board including Wint A. Winter and John Holzhüter (1990’s).  In 2004, Winter Center was certified as a 501c3 nonprofit organization (public charity).  Winter Center began partnering with local agencies to expand its reach and form a stronger community network.  In 2008, Winter Center was certified as a Community Housing Development Organization.  Winter Center has developed several programs and services focused around restoration of those often forgotten— victims of crime and disaster, at risk youth and offenders, seniors, persons with disabilities and the frail, distressed communities and neighborhoods.

We work to provide proactive programs to encourage growth and education.  Winter Center believes in community support and education as a method to champion an individual’s potential and clear previously blocked avenues for success within the workforce and community life.

Mailing 3514 SW Clinton Parkway, Ste. A373, Lawrence, KS 66047  
Office   1012 Massachusetts Street, Suite 207, Lawrence, KS 66044    
Kansas  785-845-8877
National 847-463-0570   

Message/Fax 800-763-4615

Our Numbers:
Kansas I.D. 3548351
Federal I.D. 20-0491304
Dun and Bradstreet I.D. 14-315-6482
D.L.N. 1705324 3038014




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