YouthWorks – growing potential

The YouthWorks program in Kansas City (sponsored by Weed and Seed #117) was tailored to youth 10-13 years of age.  This age range has been shown to have the highest risk factors for youth in Weed and Seed Zone #117 .  The program was structured to provide weekly evening events for youth to gain leadership skills and actively engage in the betterment of their community.  Pictures below highlight events (based at an affordable housing complex in Kansas City Ks).  Youth engaged in curriculum and experiences to garner outcomes: community beautification,team building with kite-flying,  election of a Youth Council, public speaking, self-defense classes and first aide, creation of  a community food pantry, food drives, design and painting of a mural, compiling a history of their neighborhood by interviewing seniors, learning to sew and to cook-a full meal.  a celebration event included a Parent’s Night where youth cooked, served and entertained.

Ms Butler

Krystal Public Speaking Interviewing Wise Elders                                       Public Speaking at Parent Night

Community Planting 4

Community Beautification

Cooking Class 1

Cooking Class


Diamond Speaking

Public Speaking Speech Writing

Public Speaking Class


Public Speaking Practice


Kite Flying (trying 🙂 Spirits Soaring


Puzzle it out!

Firestation group

Field Trip

Mural 2

Artists at Work – Mural Starting

Mural 3Prep Parents Night

set up Parents Night

Paents Night

Parent Night