Program Listing

Our programs include a wide range of options that are tailored to the community they serve and are based on community need surveys whenever possible.  Some examples include the following.

YouthWorks: Leadership, work-study and employment services

DueOver: Education, support for domestic violence and life survivors

Restorative Mentoring: Providing access to opportunities and support for folks having had contact with the legal system; Zack’s Stash is a memorial fund that supports Restorative Mentoring activities.

EldeReach: Care and education for our elders

JoyJob: Training for job success with entrepreneurial endeavors

Holzhüter  Fund for Children: Memorial Fund for services and programs for children

Pat Waitly’s Fund for Moms and Seniors: Memorial Fund

Community Outreach: Resource connections for seniors, the frail and families

Planting Hope Gardens: Gardens at Low Income Properties supported by donations from the community and hard work and sweat of the residents

Nina’s Plot: A memorial fund sponsoring food and education in honor of Nina McEntire’s belief that all should have “full minds and full bellys”

Homeless Hoopties: Donated bikes and vehicles for program participants

UpFront Initiative: PayDay Loan Alternative, Financial Literacy Program and Life Skills Implementation

Seeds for Neighborhoods: Property Management focused on Low Income Complexes becoming community invested Neighborhoods

UpStart: Lessons Learned and Shared with Small Non-profits beginning the Journey