Garden for All-Planting Hope

Volunteers are welcome! Please contact Trish for opportunities and to complete the Volunteer Application.

Community Harvest

Community Harvest

Generations of Sharing

Generations of Sharing

Community Garden-Inspiring All Ages

As part of our EldeReach outreach, Winter Center volunteers and community youth have partnered with Mr. Roberts to plant and harvest his 1/3 acre garden.  Mr. Roberts is a master gardener of many years; for years he has planted and cared for the ground and given all the harvest to the community.  He has a love of the edible garden and also a passion for the beauty of flowers.  The zinnias that grow in the garden soon find homes on tables of families and desks local organizations. Winter Center has benefited greatly for the wisdom of Mr. Roberts and the community continues to enjoy the bounty of this good work.  As part of our partnership with Fredrikson Center and with support from the Palmer grant, youth will continue to help in the harvesting and distributing as well as the maintenance– all with Mr. Roberts guidance and delight in the process of caring for the land and the community.

Planting HOPE: Perennial Gardens at Affordable Housing Communities

Making a difference by beautifying environments and empowering residents at affordable housing community.

Silver City Planting Hope

Planting Hope Garden, Silver City (KC)

Magic Circle Group- Planting Hope 2012

Planting Hope Garden, Magic Circle (Eureka)

Winter Center partners with apartment complexes that are HUD low-income housing properties and USDA Rural Development affordable housing properties.  Winter Center provide services for residents and the community.  We offer classes and services aimed at empowering the residents and bettering the community.

Our PLANTING HOPE Garden project is a beautification and empowerment program that starts with the planting of a perennial garden.  In Eureka, KS, we are partnering with Magic Circle apartments which is currently being rehabilitated.  In Kansas City, we have partnered with Silver City Housing Complex.

Our project is this—the Residents and Winter Center sponsor a small perennial garden.  We will host a Planting Party and any resident that helps plant will be signed up to also receive an additional plant for the small plots by their own apartment.  In this way, residents will have a chance both to invest in community space and in their own space. 

Winter Center is a small non-profit and we are looking for ways to partner with local businesses as the growing season is coming to a close and we are in need of perennial donations.  We are a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible. A list of our DREAM PERINNIAL GARDEN is below.  If you can donate any or all we would be most appreciative; we welcome other plants and will incorporate them into the garden.   We are grateful for your generosity and your help!!

Pictures of Success

Planting Hope 2012 Picture flyer

Silver City Planting Hope 2011 Success