In 2003, a chaplain and a retired judge paired up to start a not-for-profit group that worked with (primarily juvenile) offenders, their families and the victims.   Although both had many years of hands-on experience working with both perpetrators and victims of crime, they were more familiar with judicial and correctional settings. It soon became apparent that personal difficulties, home-life issues and challenging living situations had set the stage for despair and desperation.

As small town folk, they realized that “it takes a village to raise a child”.  When your neighbor has investment and concern in your well-being you never feel alone. Sadly, as they traveled throughout the state working with people impacted by crime and hopelessness, they recognized that the concept of “neighborhood” was in jeopardy.  Folk had lost touch with what it was like to be a “good neighbor”!  What was more; there was no longer a focus on volunteer spirit or the community structure to support it.

It became crystal clear that if communities could be supported in their endeaors to reach out to their neighbors-in-need and to offer them solution-based hope, miracles truly could happen!

Our programs include a wide range of options that are tailored to the community they serve and are based on community need surveys whenever possible.  Some examples include the following.

YouthWorks: Leadership, work-study and employment services

DueOver: Education, support for domestic violence and life survivors

Restorative Mentoring: Providing access to opportunities and support for folks having had contact with the legal system; Zack’s Stash is a memorial fund that supports Restorative Mentoring activities.

EldeReach: Care and education for our elders

JoyJob: Training for job success with entrepreneurial endeavors

Holzhüter  Fund for Children: Memorial Fund for services and programs for children

Pat Waitly’s Fund for Moms and Seniors: Memorial Fund

Community Outreach: Resource connections for seniors, the frail and families

Planting Hope Gardens: Gardens at Low Income Properties supported by donations from the community and hard work and sweat of the residents

Nina’s Plot: A memorial fund sponsoring food and education in honor of Nina McEntire’s belief that all should have “full minds and full bellys”

Homeless Hoopties: Donated bikes and vehicles for program participants

UpFront Initiative: PayDay Loan Alternative, Financial Literacy Program and Life Skills Implementation

Seeds for Neighborhoods: Property Management focused on Low Income Complexes becoming community invested Neighborhoods

UpStart: Lessons Learned and Shared with Small Non-profits beginning the Journey

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