ENGAGING YOUTH- Kindling the Fire

In partnership with Ottawa University’s Fredrikson Center for Faith and Church Vitality, Winter Center will initiate a new leadership program for youth this summer.  We are eager for this program to take flight and will update the progress as it gets underway!  Here is a few paragraphs about the program.

Winter Center youth programs focus efforts on finding the path toward self –efficacy when there seems no path, or all paths tried have failed.  Our greatest successes have come from mentor programs that offer a triune approach to the myriad of difficulties our youth face.  Such an approach provides the youth participant greater support and multiple ways to engage.  Such an approach also supports the mentors so that seeds are planted in all soil—our mentors grow as much as the youth.

Youth are mentored by a “personal board of directors” generally this board has three areas of expertise (educational/academic, faith/community, professional/life coach).  While engagement in “face to face” (mentoring) and “community action” (service) are significant and effective tools, these efforts are balanced with the “paperwork” and policy/procedure that sustains the work overtime.  A plan for each participant is critical and is monitored and considered a living document and reference –much like the mission of an organization.   Youth participants can expect to receive support and to be held accountable—both; not one or the other.  Support includes mentoring via their personal board of directors; development of knowledge/skill through training and experience; substance and fruition through a tangible goal plan.  Youth are held accountable to high standards of speech and behavior; of trustworthiness (reliable and dependable); of honor and generosity.