Honoring the Good: Winter Center administers several legacy funds at the request of family members to honor the lives of their loved ones and to continue their good work. These funds are tailored to the passions of the persons they honor and are overseen by a committee consisting of Winter Center Board members and family appointed members.  Included here: Nina’s Plot;  Linda’s Lunch Box; John and Rosemary’s Fund for Children; Pat’s Fund for Seniors and Moms; Zack’s Stash.

Nina, Friend and Advocate

Nina, Friend and Advocate

Nina’s Plot: “She told Bess a couple of weeks before she died that giving was her way of being happy and if she could not give, she could not be happy.”     Nina’s Plot: Honoring the Legacy of Nina McEntire. Nina had a plot, and Nina had a plan. She believed that every person should have access to a full belly and a full mind. This year, Nina started two ‘helping-funds’ to ensure that her dreams could become reality.  This program offers food and scholarships to those in need.

Holzhuter Fund for Children:Someone (I think it was Ted) told me that every day Linda packed an extra lunch to take to school just in case one of her students forgot theirs. Giving was just a part of who she was. The Bible says that we should store up treasure in heaven and that one of the ways we do that is to give to those who are less fortunate that we are. You know, when I die, one of the first places I want to go see is Linda’s place. I want to see what God can do with the kind of gifts Linda gave.”

Pic-John and Rosemary 1970
Holzhuter Fund for Children: “All God’s Children—from the city to the country, from the school house to the farm, from the boardroom to the street, from clinical precision to open arm acceptance, from music to gourmet, from unusually rare to home grown– John’s arduous good work, his connoisseur appreciation, his joyous love was encompassing of All God’s Children. The expanse of his life and the continuation of his legacy mark a new stretch of this journey. Your presence at this juncture is significant and greatly felt by the family and the community. Your choice to engage in ‘doing good’ -in honor of John- plants a seed for future blossom and fruit.”

Holzhuter Fund for Children: Honoring the Legacy of Linda Holzhuter and L. John Holzhuter– At the family’s request, in 2012, this fund now honors both Linda and John.  The initial fund information is below. Linda’s Lunchbox:  Linda gave without question and her favorite gifts were to children.  This fund is named Linda’s Lunchbox because Linda carried two lunches to school each day.  When one of her student’s did not have lunch, her second lunch was offered.  This simple act is one example of her life’s generosity.  This fund continues her legacy. John and Rosemary’s Fund for Children: John & Rosemary dedicate their lives to each other and share a passion for bettering the lives of children.  To celebrate their 50 years of marriage, this fund is christened to continue their living legacy by committing funds, big and small, to serve children in need.John passed away in June of 2012.

Pic- Pat with Trish and Judy at BH

The Pat Waitley Fund:  Honoring the Legacy of Pat Waitley: This fund was initiated to honor Pat and her depth of kindness and her belief in making good things happen.  Pat’s practical wisdom, humor and heart always made a tough situation better.  This fund will work to do the same.  We will keep it simple- as Pat would want it.

Pic-ZackZack’s Stash: Honoring the Legacy of Zachary David Kelne Zack held a big heart in his humble demeanor.  He lived his life outside the conventions of normal society.  As a youth, he recognized he did not fit the mold and did not want to fit into the “get more” society.  He left his home town just after high school and traveled, often living on the streets.  Wherever he went, he found friends who shared his outsider views and always looked out for the underdog.  He gave often of his heart and shared any monetary treasure that came his way.In 2000, he was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2004 after a long battle.  He never complained and never stopped living.  This fund celebrates his view that money is meant to be shared, shelter and health provided and life experienced.  This fund is an Emergency Assistance fund with primarily for restorative mentoring participants.