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Winter Center Board of Directors 2020

  • Rev. Dr. John Holzhuter, President

  • Travler Chair, Mentoring and Health Care Representative

  • Nicole Hamilton, Primary Education and Youth Ministry Representative

  • Katey Hayden, Early Childhood Education Representative

  • Adam Kelne, Primary Education Representative

  • Gabriel McDuffie, Mentoring and Higher Education Representative

  • Jennifer Persing, Property Relations

  • Virginia Pine, Outreach Representative

  • Waqas Rana, Accounting and Administration, Vendor Relations

  • Rev. Dr. Dorothy Smith, Community and Church Relations

  • Troy Spillman, Music and Theater Representative

  • Treasa Toland, Community and Caregiver Relations

Executive Director: Trish Dowd Kelne

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Our Board Leadership

Rev. Dr. John Holzhuter

Board President

Waqas Rana

Board of Director

Troy Spillman

Board of Director

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Rev. Dr. Dorothy L. Smith

Board of Director

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Nicole Hamilton

Board of Director

Virginia Pine

Board of Director

Treasa Toland

Board of Director

Travler Chair

Board of Director

Katey Hayden

Board of Director

Gabriel McDuffie

Board of Director

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Jennifer Persing

Board of Director

Adam Kelne

Board of Director